Dinghy info:


Laser 16

The laser 16 is a dinghy that can accommodate up to 4 passengers. She can be easily handled by one sailor with only the main sail, or two sailors when using the jib as well.

Specs. Length: 5,20m Main sail area: 9m² Jib sail area: 3,5m²

We use this dinghy for dinghy sailing lessons.

Per hour: 60€
Lesson: 80€


The world's most popular dinghy, the "Laser standard" is a one man dinghy. This Laser is a challenging, light and fast dinghy, that rewards the more adventurous dinghy sailor.

Easy to learn how to upright for beginners.

Specs: Length: 4,20m Sail area: 7m²

For lessons, please contact us.

Per hour: 50€

We look forward to sailing with you!

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